The Kodály Zoltán Dance Ensemble is working in Salgótarján, the capital of Nógrád county, which is in the northeastern part of Hungary. The city has about 50.000 inhabitants and it is placed 110 km from Budapest, in a wonderful natural environment.

Our association began its work in 1994, with young people between 7 and 22 years. Currently, 110 dancers are learning the Hungarian folk dance in several groups.

The major profile of our professional work is the education and staging of traditional folk dance, but we concider it our duty to implement dance creations which reflect the intellectual legacy of Kodály and Bartók. Beside the dances of our own region, the “Palóc” region, dances from different parts of the Hungarian speech area are also taking part of our repertoire.  The authentic presentation of our dances, music and costumes are a great importance to us. Our association aims to put up the financial conditions for our work from dues, tenders, and subsidy of individuals and contractors.

We perform regularly on national and international programs, festivals. And we keep a regular vocational contact with the different professional workshops from many European countries.

In 2009, our association celebrated the 15th anniversary of his existence.

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